Political and Entertainment Humor Peppered With A Garnish Of Logic

Gotta laugh at the news media, which are all owned by vast multinational corporations, blaming the president for the meat cleaver cuts called the SICKquester, all the while failing to understand the system of government we live under. Congress makes policy, The Executive branch carries out that policy. So when evil men like John Boehner say, "where's the leadership from the president," what he really is saying is, "why won't he bow down before us like the docile slave we want him to be." So when you lose your job or when government shuts itself down on March 27 and your SocSec check is not in your bank, the person you need to call and use colorful metaphors to is John "Get off your ass" Boehner. The scary black fella has very little power. Interesting that 76% of Americans want both fair cuts to spending and additional revenue to work on reducing the deficit that was run up by two unbudgeted wars, unneccessary tax cuts during those wars, a huge expansion of the intelligence (ironic, huh?) community based on false information, a prescription drug plan to increase profits for Big Pharma that the public did not want, and a defense budget to build weapons we will never use (thousands of which rot in Utah and Nevada deserts). These are facts. And the ginned up war of the races and between the poor and the not so poor are there to distract from those facts. 1% of the population controls most of the wealth and has all the power. We all let that happen, for whatever reason. Maybe it's time we start undoing it? MAYBE it's not too late.

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