Political and Entertainment Humor Peppered With A Garnish Of Logic

Me as Jimmy Shubert doing a bit I saw on #LastComicStanding. 

"I'm tryin' to eat healthier, so I'm in the restaurant for breakfast and on the menu is something called a protein scramble. In my head, I'm goin' "that just sounds healthy," and then I read the ingredients, basically it was an egg omelette with chunks of chicken meat in it.  A chicken omelette....which is wrong, people! You don't take the eggs out of a chicken and then cook the chicken and put it in the eggs.  That's too much chicken!  Who the hell's back there cookin'; some kinda chicken serial killer? Who's workin' the grill, the Barnyard Strangler?  When it's an omelette, it spans 2 generations of chicken. That's not breakfast, it's a vendetta. That's like taking a hamburger and dippin' it in milk. You don't do it. It's not kosher. It's LITERALLY not kosher. " - #JimmyShubert
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