Political and Entertainment Humor Peppered With A Garnish Of Logic

QM channels Jeff Foxworthy with 10 signs you may be a Taliban.

This little voice thing goes onto all QM's productions: "This is the Quantum Mechanic, changing the vibrational state of space-time."  Recorded using Wavepad.

Quantum Mechanic does three voices in this skit: Walter Cronkite reports the news from an alternate universe in 1956 in which Edward G. Robinson wins the lead roll as Moses in Demille's Ten Commandments.  Pharaoh, played by Yul Brynner, who has had a lot of vodka, is NOT amused.

Quantum Mechanic dredges up Strother Martin from the movie, Cool Hand Luke, in which he admonishes Paul Newman's character, Luke, about how to get along with the warden and obey the rules:

"What we got here is a failure to communicate."

Great for a ring tone, especially if you have poor phone service.

This would be great for a ring tone you could use for your boss or mother-in-law or both.

Dear Abby

These are actual letters from Dear Abby's column the Quantum Mechanic lends his sardonic, dry as a bone voice to.

AZ goes nAZi

I recorded this back in April as my response to Eva Braun...er...Jan Brewer and her Papers Please racist legislation targeting Hispanics.

More John Wayne impressions, this time he wakes up from the dead to a video of Lady Gaga and he's flabbergasted!

John Wayne Lives!

This is Quantum Mechanic doing an impression of John Wayne last year.  QM only seems to sound like him during a bad cold.  Maybe would make a good ring tone?

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