Political and Entertainment Humor Peppered With A Garnish Of Logic

POTUS has this to say to birthers regarding the release of his long form birth certificate.

[Comedy voice impression by QM]

9 and half minutes of a mild thunderstorm in a small city (you can hear the occasional car drive by in the distance) in full 3D Stereo, 320kbps.  FREE DOWNLOAD to everyone.  No bullshit, just rain sounds to help you sleep.  This is something to have on your Ipod or Zune or what have you.  It fades up and fades out, so it's great to put on repeat.  If you would like a custom rainstorm, with added things like birds or waterfalls or whatever, I've been a sound guy for over 35 years and would be glad to mix you up something nice.  Just email me.  <3 you for listening!info@quantummechanic.org

God’s On The Phone!

This voice clip is what audio people might call an extremely wet signal.  It's the voice impression of the 10 Commandments God, saying, "Pick up the phone...or I will smite thee!"

Great for your boss or mother-in-law, or heaven forbid, your spouse / significant other...emphasis on "other."

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