Political and Entertainment Humor Peppered With A Garnish Of Logic

Apophis Lives!

The mighty Goa-ould System Lord Apophis says, "Yo, bitches, my name is Apophis, and I am the Goa'ould with the gold."

It seems the old enemy of the Stargate franchise, Apophis, a Goa'ould who fancies himself as a God, commands the Tau'ri that they must SAVE STARGATE UNIVERSE!

"This is your creator.  I just have this to say to Harold Camping: Verily, thou sayest buckets of crap."

Jeff Goldblum Flanderspeaking an affirmation.

Mel Gibson reveals his true feelings about Jews.

The Schtupinator takes out a new ad discounting his services as an actor before finally deciding to put things on hold.  Poor Arnold Schwarzenegger feels like Mel Gibson!  I still love you Arnold!

Caught on tape, Bin Laden's last words...

QM doing an impression of Barack Obama as superhero B-Rock Obeezy and his message to terrorist leaders around the world.

Since getting capped by B-Rock Obeezy, Bin Laden recorded a new answering machine message

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