Political and Entertainment Humor Peppered With A Garnish Of Logic

Bernie and Boehner talk about Boehner's quitting the speakership.

This audio clip I recorded is taken from the #PlannedParenthood website and describes all the varied services the organization, which is both privately and publicly funded to help all Americans. Many women depend on their services as often the only healthcare they can get.  Think about the many states refusing to expand Medicaid whose residents are left with no healthcare except through Planned Parenthood. It's interesting to note that birth control actually reduces the need for abortion, which is not an easy decision for a woman, by any means.  To deny women birth control makes them slaves to men.  This should not be tolerated. #FactsNotFraud.

"Well SOMEBODY has been dipping their doodle into dumb...that's all I got to say about that..."

John Wayne comes back from the Dead to tell us what he thinks about today's republicans.

Me as Bernie Sander and John Boehner talking about the election, Gov't Shutdown, Hillary, farts, etc. Some strange noises may occur.

Bernie Sanders and John Boehner (both me) riffing about corporate greed, Martin Shkreli (drug CEO who jacked up the price of a 'need or die' drug), Gov't shutdown, getting drunk.

The CIA's final report as reported by AP was that Saddam Hussein had NO weapons of mass destruction.

This war was fought to get Iraq's oil, plain and simple. WMD translated in CHEY-NESE is O I L.

Dick Cheney, wrong then and wrong now.  He's our douche nugget of the week.


Bernie and Boehner talk about Kim Davis, Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton with some biting humor.  One blue word or so.


Featured on the Wednesday edition of Brass Knuckle Progressives Radio (google us), this is a comedy riff of Bernie Sanders chatting with John Boehner, the Speaker of the Whores Of Reprehensibles...er...HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES.  It's good PG fun with one blue word.

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