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Better To Be Nobody Than Somebody

It's always funny when the 1% claims that the 99% envies their wealth and power. Maybe a decade ago, I could have embraced that notion as I was obsessed nearly all my life with somebodyness.

Now, after that exercise in futility, I could give a shit less.

What's wealth and power when your soul is buried by ego? Embrace loss and poverty in your life, as Ghandi did, because the more opulence you have, the less of yourself you know. Christ knew himself, and got crucified trying to show us how to do that. I thank Jesus, the great avatar, for showing me the lonely, often bleak path to true peace, the release from ego. 

You find your true self, which is the Soul, through selflessness. It is much harder to find it when you're selfish

Short version: embrace your anonymity, your nobodyness...as in that quiet, it's easy to find who you really are, and not what people label you.

Be cool; be nobody's fool; and don't dismiss the bliss.

Roy and I talk about The Invaders and the X-Files, the music behind both shows, the origins of his X-Files character Jeremiah Smith (which may surprise XF fans), and the huge Invaders fandom in France.

MINDFULNESS ALERT. You can reach your higher state of being without the construct of religion. It's called looking within...where your soul resides. We are more than the physical. These things we travel around in are just vehicles for the infinite part of us, the droplets we are in the ocean of sentience, which many call God. Once you shut off all the physical stuff by quieting the mind, that's when you can access the bliss of the infinite, the nameless. Human beings like to compartmentalize stuff, but how can you compartmentalize something that is endless, boundless, measureless, infinite? You can't hold on to powder in your hand any more than you can "God." Just be silent. That's how you get a hold of it. One good way to get there...go out while it's still warm to the woods...far away from the noise of the towns....sit out in the field or an open space with all the trees and close your eyes. Think of nothing. Just listen to the breezes. The nothingness is where IT is. The nameless. The infinite. This is just unfettered truth.

Be cool, be nobody's fool and don't dismiss the bliss.

Quantum Mechanic

In this segment, Roy talks at length about his relationship with Quinn Martin, a perfectionist who paid his talent well, and Dan Curtis, the writer/producer of Dark Shadows and The Norliss Tapes. This piece is part of a 3 hour interview I had with my longtime friend & mentor.

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