Political and Entertainment Humor Peppered With A Garnish Of Logic

Roy and I finish the original interview with a look at how Hollywood tends to steal from one another as well as treat actors with disdain. Roy reiterates his retirement and why. Our next segment will be a "greatest hits" compilation of interview highlights that will be great for those who missed the first 11 segments.  Roy Thinnes has had a half century career ranging from television to major motion pictures. He was the first Dr. Brewer on General Hospital, Died 3 Times on One Life To Live, starred in the series The Invaders, Dark Shadows, Long Hot Summer, and was the enigmatic alien healer and rebel Jeremiah Smith in The X-Files (Season 3 and 4).

In this segment, Roy Thinnes and I talk about egos & the prevalence of theft in Hollywood.  We review why he was let go from Alfred Hitchcock's final and least successful film, Family Plot & his enigmatic character in The X-Files, Jeremiah Smith, an alien with miraculous healing powers who warns Mulder that his species plans to poison and eventually replace humanity. 

In this segment, Roy talks about his experience with Alfred Hitchcock, whose alcoholism nearly destroyed his last film, Family Plot, and resulted in Roy's dismissal & replacement with William Devane as the lead villain. It also points out an unfortunate, inconvenient truth: that Hollywood honchos like Hitch, despite their gifts, are consumed by ego.

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