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Scotland Tweets Trump

Trump, while in Scotland, ignored the fact that Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU, and praised #brexit. Citizens of the great nation of Scotland responded with some of the funniest insults I've heard in a long while. Here they are.  

Tiny Dingle (tiny dingle)
Donald love to whine (loves to whine)
Make him fappy (makes him fappy)
All the damn time (all the damn time)

Tiny Dingle (Tiny Dingle)
Make me sick all over
With a feeling that I'm gonna
hurl till the end of time

So here's to the golden doom
And here's to the poisoned sea
And mostly here's a toast
To dumping Trump for you & me

So here's to the last sane voter
I give to you today
Vote For Trumpler
You'll literally be blown away

Absolute Truth In One Paragraph

Deities are a construct of the mind trying to compartmentalize The Grid. Check out "What The Bleep Do We Know." Book or film. Separation is an illusion. We are all one, as much as we don't want or even like to admit it. God is not up there, out there, over there. God is within everyone. God is not a person. God is The Grid. Source. Universal Soul. Ocean of Love. Call it what you may, but it has more meaning being The Nameless. Giving it a model or a form is like trying to put the Sun on the head of a pin. That's never going to work out. Quiet the mind, feel the power within.


Be Cool, Be Nobody's Fool & Don't Dismiss The Bliss.

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