Political and Entertainment Humor Peppered With A Garnish Of Logic

Bernie Sanders, James Carville, Rachel Maddow meet in a bar to talk Trump.


Bernie:  Hey hey hey Jimmy Boy.

James: Well, howdy magna cum laude, Senator.  What's shakin', Bacon?

Bernie: Just stopped in to knock back a few before getting back out there cattle prodding

democrats into organizing.

James: Ayuh, gotta crack that whip.

Rachel Maddow: You're not kiddin', it's gettin' weird at the White House.

Bernie: Oh, hello, Rachel. I didn't see you there.

Maddow: It's because I always wear all black when I hit the bar.

James: Oh, I'm sorry, I thought with those shades you were a secret service officer on a


Maddow: Nope, just having a few Rye Old Fashioned, no fruit.

James: I would'a thought you'd be having some tequila straight after what the White

House has been doing lately.

Maddow: Well, this certainly isn't Diet Doctor Pepper.

Bernie: Rachel, you have a handle on what's going on...do you think they'll impeach The


Maddow: I doubt it. Republicans control both houses, so he could probably shoot

somebody and they'd turn a blind eye.

James: Wow, that's fucked up.

Maddow: Mr. Carville, please, language.

James: Oh, I'm sorry, Ms. Maddow...sometimes I forgot myself after a few Jim Beams.

Maddow: After a few Hemingways, I get a little randy myself.  Don't tell Susan.

Bernie: Good to know, especially since Randy is a little on the young side.

James: Gettin' back to the Orange Elephant in the room, if he keeps signing executive

orders to screw with the public, it might just help the Dems clean house, literally, next


Bernie: If we survive THIS year. His budget guy wants to gut Social Security, Medicare

and Medicaid. A lot of our older constituents will be droppin' like old wrinkled flies.

Maddow: I don't think the republicans in Congress will risk cutting those programs

outright. They might be able to get away with raising the retirement age, though. You

know they always slip things into the budget at the last minute.

Bernie: We're going to have watch 'em like a hawk.

James: Yep, that's where the real power is. Trump is all bluster and optics. The House

and Senate is where the sausage is made.

Maddow: Speaking of sausage, Old Vienna Sausage himself knows he has a lot of support

in the house and senate for his mythical wall.

Bernie: Vienna Sausage hahahahaha I bet he thinks he's more a Kielbasa.

Maddow: I have it on good authority he's hung like an elevator button.

James: How many of those have you had?

Maddow: BURP Not Enough. Come on, boys, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die!

James: She's so sunny, no?

Bernie: She's right...let's get snockered.

James: Good idea. 

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