Political and Entertainment Humor Peppered With A Garnish Of Logic

James Carville - Wow, what a week it's been.
Bernie Sanders - you ain't whistlin' dixie.
James - Well I'd never whistle Dixie.
Bernie - That guy in the White House a few pieces missin' outta his puzzle.
James - Which pussident...Lump or his boy Bannon?
Bernie - Both. I bet Bannon had a hand in the bannin'.
Rachel - What an interesting play on words.
James - Oh hi, Rachel. I didn't see you there.
Rachel - Maybe you need to change eyeglasses
Bernie - Well, Rachel, you are wearing all black again. You look like a secret service agent trying to duck the Trumpkin.
Rachel - If I was one of them, I probably would. After all, he's got private body guards also looking after him...on our dime of course.
James - What the hell was up with the Muslim Ban? Makes no sense to block countries which had no perceived threat against us. Just targets people based on religion.
Bernie: Especially people returning from abroad with green cards. They're legal, but some had to surrender their green cards in flight. That's pretty messed up.
Rachel - We're definitely in uncharted waters here.
James - Uncharted Waters and well nigh ready to run aground or into a glacier.
Bernie - If I didn't know better, I'd say we're becoming Nazi Germany without the Germany part.
James - It's some scary shit, and Democrats better get up to bat, especially since most of Trump's extremist anti-agency cabinet have been sailin' through easier than a Krispy Kreme through to Chris Christie's stomach.
Rachel - I'm still in shock over Elizabeth Warren letting Ben Carson through for HUD. I guess she figures Steve Harvey will mellow things out.
Bernie - This whole thing is like a reality show gone bad. It's Duck Dynasty after the ducks fought back with an Abrams M-1 tank armed with depleted uranium shells.
Rachel - Well, let's get our drink on so we can get through another day without pulling our hair out...oh sorry, Mr. Carville...looks like you've already done that.
James - Very funny, Ms. Maddow.
Bernie - Hey, there's Niall Stanage over there doing shots. A lot of 'em. Hey, Niall. What do you think of the Trumpocalypse so far?
Niall Stanage - Well, before Nov. 8, I would have said he was daft. Now, after a few of these, I'd have to go with gobshite.
James - Now that's a word that fits.
Bernie (sings) - Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we diiiiiie!
James - I didn't know you could sing.
Bernie - I didn't either. I guess I've had too many shots.
Rachel - I'll say.

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