Political and Entertainment Humor Peppered With A Garnish Of Logic


The QM Show is News, Politics & Comedy with your host, DJ Quantum Mechanic, a retired alien writer, filmmaker & DJ anxious for the Anasazi and/or Anunnaki to return to Earth and give him a ride to planet 9 before Jan. 20.

  • Morgan Freeman Reads Today's Headline News
  • Perspectives - Charlie Brooker on Trump Election & Russia
  • Keith Olbermann's Message To Trumpettes
  • Liberal Redneck Thanks Obama
  • James Carville & Bernie Sanders Meet In A Bar To Talk Trump
  • Trump Truth - Wonder Woman lassos Trump and he finally tells the truth!
  • Practical Solutions - How to Survive a Trump Presidency
  • Douche Nugget Of The Week

Listen Live or Later in archive, Brass Knuckle Progressive Radio shows are designed to keep you informed of the truth peppered with a few laughs to prepare you for the Trumpocalypse. We answer to no corporate overlords or foreign dictators, not to mention home grown dictators with tiny hands. Our broadcasts are on Wednesday nights at 6 Eastern, 5 Central and Sunday Mornings at 9 Eastern, 8 Central. QM Show is also available on quantummechanic.podbean.com.

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