Political and Entertainment Humor Peppered With A Garnish Of Logic

The soul is pure energy, but coherent. Our bodies are matter, a slower vibrational state of energy, and is an organism. Think of it as traveling around in a late model car, with all its issues, contrivances and limitations. The mind is part of both the "car" and the soul. We are three. Soul (higher mind), Mind and body. Three states of existence, each at varying levels, the soul being the highest (part of the Divine), the mind as the middle, the body as the lowest level. It is our nature to want to ascend, but we are often trained to focus on the lowest level of our existence...just the body. It's really the other way around. Can you imagine being nearly totally separate from the body? Stephen Hawking, for example, is in a state where the body has nearly fallen away, and so there's just mind and higher mind. His focus seems to us has been on the mind alone, but how do we know that he hasn't ventured into higher mind? Maybe his understanding of the cosmological nature of existence has been influenced by his connection with higher mind. It is a goal of mine to try reaching higher mind. Should not be too difficult since the "car" I'm riding in is a hoopty.
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