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Happiness is a decision....it's one I struggle with all the time. One way I can at least go in that direction without "substances" is gratitude...counting the things that actually work for me in life. Being creative is another way, getting immersed in what one enjoys the most. Simple things, like communing with nature or listening to music that evokes happiness or contentment. Gratitude, creativity, clearing the mind of clutter, caring less about the mundane and more about what's working. 

It all starts with gratitude...and that can be hard sometimes, especially if you are in a relationship that is draining or you feel isolated. Sometimes we attract drama by putting out negative energy into the universe. I am guilty of that...especially with what's going on in the country and in our communities, where things are a lot less "communal." 


We're all tied into the Grid. That's the Source. You can ask that source for help by clearing the mind and focusing on what you need, knowing that Source does not "get" doubt or No. Whatever you need in life, if you ask for it, you negate it by not having faith it will happen. It's not in any way tied to religion...that's just dogma that takes you on a roundabout journey from where you need to go. Faith gets us up in the morning. Hoping for a better day and then embracing that it could be a better day rather than "this is going to be a shit day" is a good start on the journey to happiness. 

Look at how many rich people have a scowl on their face...you'd think they'd be happy, right? They're not because their goals in life are temporal & they're living in fear. They are not grateful...many think they're owed. That's the key...being thankful for what you have, even if by others' standards, it isn't much. Wealth isn't what you possess...it's what's in your heart. When you're thankful, you can start looking outside yourself and maybe helping someone else without the condition they help you back...those are the keys to happiness. 

Gratitude, clearing the mind and altruism. 

Be Cool, Be Nobody's Fool & Don't Dismiss the Bliss.

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