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QM Show 27 - #Impeach45

Brass Knuckle Progressives Radio (QM Show 27) #Impeach45

World News Headlines Read by Morgan Freeman
AP News Minute
Perspectives: Keith Olbermann of The Resistance on Trump's demise.
A Look at Trump's Wiretap lies from CNN and Fox's Shep Smith
Hillary Slams Trump in Late Night Speech
Showbiz Minute (AP)
Pundits In A Bar (Comedy)
Douche Nugget of the Week: Sean Spicer and his idiot boss Trump (WARNING: Adult Language)

Brass Knuckle Progressives Radio brings you the truth, peppered with a sense of humor, sometimes dark, to motivate you to resist tyranny and bullshit. You don't have to agree, but I encourage you to never stop reading or asking questions. Don't always live in the mundane. Explore the universe, even if it's just in a library. Be Cool, Be Nobody's Fool...and don't dismiss the bliss.

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